There’s often times I don’t feel good enough. Where blue skies would stare at me and the sun would warm my skin. Wind blowing softly through my hair.  My mind would have dark skies and storms and thunder in them. There would be nothing but darkness inside myself.
Everything on the outside would seem so bright. So peaceful and calm. While inside of me the storm would rage on and tears would fall like never ending rain.
Unbearable suffering and pain will torment me, as it feels like forever.
My skin warming up and birds passing by, chirping like this is heaven. The skies seem even more blue than they did before. I softly smile and try to enjoy all that’s there in nature. All the beautiful things that surround my eyesight.
Blossom trees and their flower petals falling down on the green grass, a fairytale picture. The fallen petals would glisten in the sunlight like pink glitter.
Yet still inside me the storm is raging. 

Darkness while I bask in light.