Romantiek, spanning en drama

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How would we view the moon,if she did not have her scars?Would we still admire her?Would she shine as bright,fearlessShow her self, like she does now.All proud and beautifulUp in the sky, surrounded by starsThey too admire herThey’re nothing but a dim lightwhen she shows upBut without her scarsShe’d be nothing but a flat surfaceThey …


Verborgen verdriet

Een lichte bries die over de kust van het eiland heen ging, deed de bladeren van de palmbomen zachtjes bewegen, maar erg verkoelend was het niet. De eerste zonnestralen die de onverharde weg belichten deden al flink hun best om de omgeving op te warmen.Met de palm van haar hand veegde ze snel haar tranen …


Forever waiting

There was always hopea small chance of youreturning to my heartThe beating of timeit got smaller as it passed bybut I never gave upI always believedin you and meI will save a placeburrowed deep withinfor you to returnto fix the holeyou left behindto heal it with youI know that day will never comethat empty space …



Once you were in bloom.But now your leaves have fallen,your beautiful flowers long gone.The sun doesn’t nurish you anymore and slowly you will lose,all that you once grew.It gets left behind to eventually be consumed by the earth, to never be found.Never to be remembered.The only thing that will stay are your roots, deeply hidden …


Blossoming darkness

There’s often times I don’t feel good enough. Where blue skies would stare at me and the sun would warm my skin. Wind blowing softly through my hair.  My mind would have dark skies and storms and thunder in them. There would be nothing but darkness inside myself.Everything on the outside would seem so bright. …