Chapter 2

My hand slammed my alarm clock which made the worst sound possible. It was already Monday and time for me to go to work. Rubbing my eyes I looked at the time. Way too early! I let out a yawn and then I pushed the covers off of me. My feet touched the refreshing cold floor and dragged me to my bathroom where my daily routine began. After I got dressed I drank my coffee and quickly ate some cereal before I left to go to work.
As I closed the door to my apartment building, the warm late August air welcomed me with open arms. I gazed up at the clear blue sky, there wasn’t a single cloud. It promised to be another hot summer day. 
My legs hurried me, passing by buildings and stores. I never used my car to get to work during this time of the year. I wanted to grab every piece of sunlight while it lasted. Because being stuck inside all day at the office made it hard to fully enjoy these beautiful summer days.
Wearing a smile on my face I greeted some colleagues who I ran into, walking my black high heels into the building. The company I worked for was very big, though the main hall was simple. There was a desk at the right, our receptionist Eva was always there. I think she never skipped a day or called in sick. 
“Hi Eva, how was your weekend?” I asked her as I walked up to her. “Fine, thank you. How was yours?” she returned the question. “Good”, I answered and grabbed some mail and a newspaper from her. “I think Mr. Hensley has an appointment at one o’clock, you can send him right to me.” She nodded her head in understanding. 
Dodging people who were busy talking on their phones I reached the elevator just in time. The doors were almost closing on me, but luckily for me someone held the door open. I stepped in and pushed the button to the second floor. That was where my office was, near Mr. Hensley’s office, the big boss around here. I was his secretary for almost five years now.
When I stepped to my floor my heels echoed through the hallway. I put my purse on my desk and walked up to the coffee machine. While his cappuccino was being made I walked up to Mr. Hensley’s office. I opened the door and placed his mail and newspaper in the middle of his desk. After I opened the white curtains I got his cappuccino and placed it next to his newspaper.
With my coffee in my hand I took a seat and read some mail. My computer screen lit up and I saw my email box was full. Heaving a sigh I knew that this was a typical Monday morning.
“Good morning Mira!”, Mr. Hensley greeted me with a smile. 
“Good morning Mr. Hensley!”
“Do I have any appointments today, Mira?”, he asked leaning his left arm on my desk. “Yes, you have one at one o’clock”, I answered. 
“Okay, thank you”, he said and walked to his office. 
I got back to my work, Monday was extremely busy. I handled some phone calls, went out to get him lunch and grabbed some for myself too.
It’s time to answer emails and prepare for the meetings.
“Excuse me, Miss?” a man’s voice spoke. It startled me I had been so caught up with my work I didn’t notice him standing there.
He cleared his throat and I looked up. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as I saw who he was. His arm leaned casual on my desk and his bright blue eyes looked at me.

His lips curled up into a smile when he figured out who I was. 
A secret sigh left my lips when I saw he was wearing a suit again. This time it was grey, 3 pieces with a black tie. On his hand was a big golden seal ring. A fringe of beard was a good look on him. 
“Hello Mr…” my eyes searched the agenda for his name. 
“Woods”, he filled in for me. 
“Right”, I said getting up from my seat. 
“If you would like to take a seat there.” I walked around my desk and led him to the waiting area. 
“Mira, I told you we would meet again”, he said while sitting down. I ignored his words as I turned towards him. 
He carefully put his briefcase down next to the black leather sofa. 
“Would you like a coffee sir?” my voice sounded politely. I needed to keep this professional so I couldn’t respond to him.
He crossed one leg over the other, making a sort of triangle in the middle, folding his hands. His elbows made a dent into the armrest, his two index fingers barely touching his bottom lip. 
“I would love to have some coffee, Mira”, he teased with a cheeky grin on his face. 
“Of course sir.”
I turned around to quickly disappear into the small kitchen area behind my desk. The coffee machine made it’s familiar noisy sound as I turned it on.
Waiting for it to be ready, his words kept floating around in my head. 
“Here you go Mr. Woods.” I placed his coffee in front of him. 
Before he could say anything else, I walked to Mr. Hensley’s room. A simple knock on his door was enough to hear his grumpy voice mumble me to come in. My head peeked around the door, saying his one o’clock was here. Without even taking a glance at me he told me I could send him in.
I knew these meetings could take a long time and I had some packages to bring to the mailroom. Before I did that I wrapped up some other work. 
While waiting for the elevator to take me downstairs, my hands struggled to keep the packages in balance. Once I stepped into the elevator I pushed the packages against the wall, barely able to push the button to get downstairs. 
Arriving downstairs I hurried to get them to the mailroom so they could leave in time. It wasn’t easy, walking as fast as I could on these high heels.
Peter frowned as he saw me struggling. I heard him chuckle as he got up. Just before I was about to drop them all, he took the top two from me and placed them on the floor. A big smile appeared in front of me, he must have found it very amusing. I shot him an annoyed glare and placed the rest of the packages on his desk. Knowing there was a ton of work waiting for me I headed back to the elevators. Fixing my skirt I wasn’t paying any attention to where I was walking. The doors of the elevator opened, without looking I bumped into someone. 
“Excuse me”, I blurred out, my cheeks turning red. 
“You know, you should look where you’re going.”
My eyes looked up to the man talking to me.
“Mr. Woods”, I sighed. 
“Call me Max.”

Hoping the doors would close quickly I started to bash the close button. He handled fast and placed his hand against the side, making sure the doors wouldn’t close. 
“Would you please let go, sir? I have to get back to work.”
“Mira, just let me buy you dinner.”
I pushed against his chest, causing him to let go. A cocky smile was the last I saw of him before the doors closed. 
Making my way back up I hoped I wouldn’t run into Max again. He was getting on my nerves.  He was way too slick, it wouldn’t surprise me if he would have taken the stairs back up. I knew men like him, they had a wife at home and were looking for a chick on the side. He was talking to the wrong girl, never would I make that mistake again. They would make you fall for them and just at that point they would tell you they weren’t leaving their wife for you. No, thank you. Besides, I didn’t mind being single. I could do whatever I wanted when I wanted. More importantly, with whom I wanted.
Mr. Hensley’s head stuck around the corner of his office door, looking around for me.
I swung up from my seat, rushing over to him. 
“Here I am sir.”
“Could you stay a little longer, I need your help to prepare this meeting I have with Mr. Woods tomorrow.”
“Of course sir. Would that be it?”
“Yes, thank you.”
I wondered what it was that Max did. Maybe if I had the time I could look it up. Not everyone would get a meeting with Mr. Hensley. For now I concentrated on the millions of other things I had to do.
From my window I saw the evening was catching up to us. The sky turned red and orange, with a fling of purple mixed through it. The last rays of sunlight peeking in, lightning out some parts of my desk. 
Mr. Hensley had asked me to order some food and told me to order something for myself too. Although we had worked overtime together more than once, we never ate together. He was always in his office. I was totally fine with that, I was used to eating alone. 
At nine P.M I was finally ready. I closed up everything, told Mr. Hensley I was going home and left.