Chapter 1

An early morning breeze blew against the white lace curtains. Beams of sunlight chased away the cold air that had been so welcoming at night. Ruffled sheets of white linen were strangled with legs and feet. The way the clothes were laying around, would indicate to a passionate night. 
Movement next to me made me slowly open my eyes. With one eye, I carefully peaked next to me, but he was still asleep. As quiet as I could I let my bare feet gently touch the oak wooden floor. 
Like a thief in the night I quickly gathered my clothes and smoothly slipped into them. With my red high heels in my hand, I tiptoed down the twirled staircase, making my way to the door. While walking by the kitchen, I snatched my red clutch from the grey marble counter. 
The gravel hurt on my bare feet, while I trailed off to the enormous fence that led to the main road. Once I made my way out I put on my heels. 
I decided to walk home, it was such a beautiful morning and I could sure use some fresh air. My eyes took in the surroundings; big mansions were all hidden behind secured big fences, trees and bushes. I knew this neighborhood; it was the rich part of town. Something that was the opposite of the part where I lived. 
Every once in a while a soft breeze blows, rustling through the trees. Some birds were happily chirping while chasing each other, making their way to find food or a place to nest. I sniffed the cooling air, knowing it wouldn’t be long before the sun would deprive it and make us sweat from its blistering heat. 

That’s why I loved early morning walks, the silence and the tranquility before it would be disturbed by loud noises. 
From behind me I could hear a car coming my way. I turned my head to see who would be driving this early on a Saturday morning. A black Volvo was getting closer and slowed down when he nearly reached me. I turned my head forward and kept walking. 
“Can I offer you a ride Miss?” a deep voice spoke.
I turned my head towards the car and I saw two bright blue eyes staring at me. A friendly smile appeared on the man’s face when he caught my gaze. His car was driving dead slowly, to keep up with me. 
“I’m fine, thank you”, I said to this mysterious stranger. 
“Are you sure?” his smooth voice asked. 
My lips curled up into a smile. “Yeah, I’m sure. But thank you”, I said and turned my head.
Within a second I saw the car drive off, soon disappearing from my sight.
I knew that if I would have gotten into that car, I would have ended up in his bed. Last night, I made a promise to myself. I wouldn’t do this ever again. That was the last time.
Trying to expel those blue eyes out of my mind I kept walking. It was still a few miles until I would finally reach home.
The closer I got to home, the hotter it became outside. The sun was way up high now and the sidewalk got too hot to keep walking with my bare feet so I put on my shoes again. 
Eventually I put my keys into the front door, I was so glad to be home. I threw my shoes in a corner and undressed myself while getting to the shower. 
I let the hot water run as I brushed my teeth. I stepped into the shower and felt the water cleansing my body. Rubbing my hands over my face and let them slide my hair back. I didn’t understand myself, why did I do this every single time when I knew it would make me feel so bad. The routine was always the same, after I had another meaningless one night stand I would run home, before he was awake. Take a shower and feel bad about what I did. 
While thinking that I washed my body and hair and tried to wash away my feelings. Although I knew the water wouldn’t help, it was more symbolic; I wished it could wash everything away.
After my shower I put on some jeans shorts, a white crop top with a cat on it and my white Converse. I put my hair into a messy bun and grabbed my sunglasses. I put some change into the back pocket of my shorts, grabbed my keys and walked off. I was hungry and my fridge was all empty so I decided to grab a sandwich somewhere. I think it was by noon now and I saw people getting their groceries and children off to their Football or Baseball practice. I enjoyed little walks like this, just being outside and letting the surroundings get to me. The sun was heating my skin and made me forget about last night.
I decided to go to my friend Eddie; I would always go there on my break when I have the chance. He had his own little café where he would sell the best sandwiches I knew. 
Strolling inside there was one customer in front of me. I didn’t need to look at the menu card as I already knew what to get myself. My right hand reached for the change I put in there, but me of course being clumsy again I dropped it all. Hoping no one would have seen it I quickly bent my head and searched for it. 
In the corner of my eye I saw one rolling underneath a table, so I crawled on my knees and got it. Putting my body backwards I couldn’t see where to stop until I heard someone speaking to me. 
“Miss, I believe it’s your turn”, a voice spoke to me. Embarrassed as I was, I got up, holding on tight to my change. My eyes searched for the voice who spoke to me. A tall man in a black suit stood behind me. I swear I recognized him from somewhere… His arms were crossed and his head was nodding to the counter, indicating I was up next. I could barely fix a smile on my face and I only managed to say ‘okay’. My feet brought me to the counter where Eddie greeted me with a surprising look on his face. I took off my sunglasses to greet him properly.
“Mira! What are you doing here? It’s the weekend!” he said friendly, but a little confused. I laughed and told him I was just passing by his place and felt hungry. Then I told him I wanted a healthy sandwich to go and he went on and prepared it for me. 
“You know, that man behind you has been watching your every move”, he whispered while I handed him the money. As in a reflex I wanted to turn my head around but he grabbed my arm and stopped me with his ‘don’t do that’ look. I giggled. “You looked very cute getting your money off that floor and crawling underneath that table. I think you butt was sticking out perfectly for him to have a good look”, he teased me as he gave me my sandwich. “Oh shut up!” I said laughing. “Well thanks Eddie! See you next week!”

I walked off and put on my sunglasses, trying not to look at the mystery man behind me.
Not far from Eddie’s place I found a bench and took a seat. There were some big trees behind the bench, giving me a chance to find some shade and cool off a little bit. Hungry and impatient as I was I removed the paper that held me from getting to my sandwich. It looked so good, my stomach was growling. That first bite was like getting to heaven; I closed my eyes and moaned softly. Food could be so good from time to time. When I opened them someone towered over me. 
“I believe this is yours.”  A dollar was held in front of me. I reached out my hand and grabbed it. “Thanks”, I said and continued with my lunch. 
“Do you mind if I sit here”, the man in the black suit asked and took a seat beside me. I rolled my eyes behind my sunglasses and shrugged my shoulders. 
“You know”, he said as he put his coffee between his feet in front of him, “you look familiar.”
“Well, I’m sorry but I don’t think I know you”, was my answer. But his voice sounded so familiar, now where did I hear that before? 
“Besides, that’s such a cheesy pick up line”, I said pushing my sunglasses up on my head. 
He grabbed his coffee and I took a good look at him. His suit fit him perfectly, every little detail was right. It must have been custom made. A soft breeze made his cologne reach my nose. Damn, he smelled good. I loved the strong smell of cologne on a man. He opened his lips and put the cup to his mouth, swallowing the warm liquid. How weird it may sound, it looked hot, seeing his Adam’s apple go up and down. His masculine head was tilted to the back a little so the coffee could easily slide down. His two day beard was very sexy and I wish I could run my fingers across it. 
All of a sudden his head turned towards me, he took off his sunglasses and a pair of ocean blue eyes stared at me. 
“You like what you see?” he asked with a grin. 
I stopped staring, stuffing the last piece of my sandwich into my mouth. In the corner of my eye I saw a small smile appear on his face.
“Now I know who you are!” he called out and took a bite from his sandwich. He pointed at me, a clod forming in his left cheek. While chewing he kept pointing at me until he could talk again. His eyes started sparkling, caused by the beams of sunlight peeking through some leaves. 
I frowned and crossed my arms. 
“You’re that girl who I saw walking on her bare feet this morning.”
I didn’t know what to say now that I remembered him. He was the man driving that black Volvo, offering me a ride. 
“Am I now?” I decided to act like I didn’t know what he was talking about.
“I am sure it was you. What were you doing there, walking on your bare feet in a party dress?” he asked, taking the last sip from his coffee. He placed the empty cup neatly into the bag that was to his right. 
“Excuse me? But that is none of your business”, I said offended. 
“You’re right”, he said, craning his head towards me. His eyes were glancing at me, exploring my face. 
 “Have a nice day”, I said getting up. 
Walking off I put my sunglasses back on. 
I was so tired of men and yet I was so drawn to them! I couldn’t help it and I couldn’t deny the fact that this man was very sexy…
“Hold on!” a hand was placed on my shoulder. I turned around, there he was. “Mira isn’t it?” he asked while he looked at me. He grabbed my chin with his thumb and index finger and forced me to look at him. His eyes peeked over the edge of his sunglasses.
“There is something about you girl. Ever since this morning I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. Walking into you at that café must have been destiny”, he said slowly letting go of my chin. 
“Let me take you out for dinner tonight. I promise, I just want to talk, get to know you better”, he said looking at me. His finger swiped away some loose hair, blown onto my face by a soft breeze. The look in his eyes was sweet and soft, he seemed sincere. I looked up at him; he must be a little over 6 feet. 
“So what’s it gonna be, Mira?” My name sounded so sexy coming from his mouth. His deep voice made my knees weak. I wanted to say yes so bad, but I was so scared to end up in his bed. I didn’t want that. He seemed nice and there was something different about him. 
I decided to listen to that little voice in the back of my head. 
“I’m sorry, but it’s a no”, I said softly, trying to break it easily to him.
“We’ll go to dinner one day, mark my words”, he said and winked at me. Then he turned around and walked away. His fancy shoes taking him somewhere fancy probably.
What did he mean by that? I shrugged and decided to go back home.