Chapter 4

While yawning I stretched my arms out above me. My eyes searched for the clock in my living room. It wasn’t time yet to get ready. I licked my lips, my mouth was dry from sleeping. My feet touched the floor and I stretched out one more time before I got up. Dragging myself to the couch I decided to take it slow this day. The only appointment I had today was with Max and it wasn’t until this evening.
So all I did all day was some laundry. Well, okay and I headed off to the store for some groceries.

Soon it became evening and I was getting ready for my date with Max. I stood in front of my closet, which was half empty due to the clothes who laid on my bed and the floor. 
I didn’t want to look too sexy, he might think I’m easy. Then again, who cares what he thinks, I’m not seeing him after this again anyway. With seconds ticking away, I had to make a decision. Why does time always go fast when you want it to go slow?
Finally I grabbed a black sleeveless button down shirt, a white maxi skirt with small black polka dots and a pair of khaki flip flops. Now there was this problem with my thick black hair, what should I do with it… Standing in front of my mirror I put some makeup on, not too much and thought about my hair. I ended up leaving it as it was, a bit curly and bouncing around my head. One last look in the mirror and I was fine. Before leaving my bedroom I sprayed some perfume on.

Just when I walked into my living room again I heard a knock on my door.  
I heaved a sigh and went to open it. 
There he was, he didn’t wear a suit. My eyes wandered around his body, I never got a good look at it. He was built nice, not too much muscle but not skinny boned either. His white button down was perfectly fitting around his body. The top two buttons were open. A silver necklace was hanging on his chest. His sleeves were rolled up a little, showing a silver watch on his left arm and a silver chain bracelet was showing on his right. He wore light blue jeans and a pair of white K-Swiss sneakers. 
He was leaning against the door frame, one leg crossing the other, his arms crossed in front of him. “So are you done staring?”, he chuckled. 
“Where is your suit?”, I shot back. 
He laughed. “You look wonderful”, he said while his eyes traveled up and down my body. I got shy and looked away. “You’re getting shy now?”, he asked, stepping closer to me. “No…”
“Well come on. I’m hungry”, he said and turned around. I walked after him, checking out his nice bottoms. I think my hands wouldn’t mind grabbing those…
Shit, I needed to get it together, but just when I thought that his cologne found its way up to my system. It tingles my senses, puts them on sharp.
He opened the door to the passenger’s seat, waited till I got in and walked around to take a seat himself.
“So where are you taking me, Max?”, I peeked at him from the corner of my eye. “Some place nice, you’ll see Miss Mira”, he looked at me with a mysterious smile. My heart started pounding in my chest. What was wrong with me? 
I swear, this man…

He parked his car and we walked to a big restaurant. It looked very fancy to me. The building itself was all white, lights on the front made it look warm and cozy, but yet very classy. Before the entrance was a path with a nice lawn on both sides. We walked the steps and a porter opened up one of the two big white doors to let us in. Max stepped aside to make sure I could go in first. I smiled at the porter and then let my eyes take in the surroundings of this beautiful building. The main hall was huge, a big sparkling chandelier was on the high ceiling. The walls were maroon colored, almost looking velvet, making the atmosphere even more fancy. Dimmed lights around made it feel warm. 
A man in a tuxedo walked up to us. “Can I help you sir?” he asked looking at Max with his hands on his back. “Yes, I have a reservation for two”, he answered. 
“Right this way sir”, he said and turned around, a sign to follow him.
He walked us through the main room, who looked the same as the entrée, but even bigger and more chandeliers. We were led to this beautiful terrace, there were candles on each table. In the right back there was a small stage, four men, also in tuxedos, were up there. One man was playing cello, two others were playing the violin. The last man was singing and he had a lovely warm voice. 
Our table was halfway, the host pulled out my chair and I sat down. There was a bottle of red wine on the table. “Have a nice evening. There will be a waitress to get your orders”, the host said and then he left. A pretty woman walked up to us, asking if we wanted some wine. She poured us both a glass and handed us our menus. 
“So, Mr. Fancy. Do you take all your dates here?”, I asked, folding my arms under my chin. My eyes penetrated his, as he mimicked my moves. 
“I’ve been here before, yes”, he answered. 
“That was no answer to my question.”
“I haven’t been dating for a while.”
“Why not?”, I asked curiously. 
“What do you want to eat?”, his eyes scanning the menu.
“Well, if you’ve been here before, you order something for me”, I said closing my menu.
“You’re a tough one, aren’t you?” He closed his menu and put it aside. I didn’t say anything. If he only knew…
“Do you like your wine?”, he asked. 
“Let me take a sip”, I put the glass to my mouth and let the alcoholic beverage roll on my tongue. It was a good wine, it must be expensive.
“It’s okay”, I said with a chuckle. 
He laughed, his smile was so nice. He must have known I was playing around. 
The waitress came back to take our orders, she opened up her notepad and wrote down what Max told her. Then she placed a basket with some bread and a few different cheeses. “Your food will be right here. Is there anything else I can get you?”, she asked, taking our menus. 
“Were fine thank you”, he said and the waitress walked off.
“I must admit, it’s a beautiful place”, I said looking around. 
He was just looking at me, not saying anything. He took another sip of his wine. “What?”
“You are so beautiful…”
Again I got shy and looked down to my plate, which was still empty. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t handle compliments well. Mostly men would tell me I’m hot and sexy, but they never said I was beautiful. Well, at least not in the way Max was saying it. It wasn’t the word, but the motion he put with it. 
He made me feel special. 
“Why do you get so shy? You don’t need to be shy.”
His arm grabbed my hand, giving it a soft pinch. I looked up at him, his lips curled up, smiling at me. 
“I don’t know, I sometimes do”, I whispered. 
“You know, I really want to get to know you better”, he said. 
“No you don’t. I’m nothing special really”, I answered looking away again. 
I made him pull his hand back and I grabbed my wine. Drinking from it, to keep me occupied. 
“Don’t say you’re nothing special. I think you are from the moment I spotted you.”
I let a sigh escape my mouth and rolled my eyes. “Wow, that’s not corny.”
He took a piece of bread and put a small piece of cheese on it.
“Here, eat something”, he said, handing me the bread.
I took it from him and put it in my mouth. To be honest, it tasted very good.
Not long after, our dinner was being served. I was glad too cause I was very hungry. Leaving his comments floating around, I thought I’d ask him some questions. 
“So, Max, who are you? Like what do you do for a living, were you ever married, any kids?”
He started to laugh again. Cutting his steak he glanced at me. 
“You are so random. I like that.” The neatly cut steak disappeared into his mouth. I wonder what it was like to feel those lips caressing my body.
“You know my name, so we don’t need to go there. I own a small business, no need to bore you with that, I’m not married and I don’t have any kids. Your turn”, he shot back.
Now it was my turn to laugh. I waited a moment to think about what I should tell him. I didn’t want to give away too much. It was hard, cause some part of me wanted to. The food, the place, the music, the whole vibe was good. Not to mention, my company was very good.
His eyes locked mine, waiting for me to answer him. He sat patiently, sipping from his wine. Sparkles dancing around in his eyes, caused by the candles on our table.
“You already know what I do for a living, so no need to go there. I am definitely not married and luckily don’t have any children.”
He nodded his head, not saying anything.

“Have you ever been married?”
“Would it be a problem if I was?”
“No, why would it be? It’s just a date right?”
“I was married, a while ago.”
His demeanor changed when he answered me. Crossing his arms and his gaze was off. It seemed like he was thinking about something. 
“I’m sorry I asked”, I excused myself and got up to go use the restroom. 
When I came back he didn’t leave as I thought he would. He was still there, waiting for me. 
“I didn’t mind you asking about it. It’s just not something I like to talk about.”
“You said you were happy you didn’t have any kids. Why was that?”
“Well, I am still so young. I’m not ready for kids yet. I like my life as it is right now. Did you want any kids?”, I asked him carefully.
“I didn’t, but my wife did.”
Maybe that’s why they divorced. It can be real tough if one wants kids, but the other doesn’t. I tried not to get side tracked and stay focused on our conversation. 
We talked some more about music and movies, just the random stuff.
“Are you ready to leave?”
“Sure”, I said getting up from my seat. 
We left and walked up to his car. The drive back to my home was very quiet. Neither of us said a word. I processed the conversations we had, I’m guessing he did the same.
He pulled up in front of my apartment building. There we were, an awkward silence filled the small area of his car. 
“So…I’d better be going now..”, I said fumbling with my purse.
“Do you want me to walk you to your door?”, he asked, craning his head my way. 
“No, that’s okay. Thank you for this nice evening.”
“You’re very welcome, we need to do this again sometime soon”, he whispered in a low tone. 
A weird tingle shot through my body when he spoke out those words.

A sign for me to leave this car or I would end up in his bed and that’s the last place where I need to be. Normally men like him didn’t take me on dates. They would pick me up in a club or bar and we would end up all drunk in their bed.
This was making me feel very uncomfortable, I didn’t know how to handle things like this. Leaving was the only thing I could think of to do, leave and shut him off. 
I opened the car door and thanked him once again. As fast as I could I ran into the building. When I was home my phone buzzed. I knew it was Max without even checking my phone.

Please let me take you on another date soon. You’re all I can think of.