I never texted him back. I won’t deny I had a good time, it was nice, but that was all there was to it.
A busy week full of work was just what I needed. Everything to not think about my date with Max. I even avoided Eddie that week, I did not need him to be all up in my business and ask how it went. He would only push to go on another date.

Just before I was ready to pack my things and go home I received a text message from an old friend of mine. Well, he wasn’t really a friend, he was someone I bumped into at a bar once and we spent some nights together when we were lonely. I didn’t even know I still had his number in my phone.
He asked me if I was in the mood for a party, if so I could come to his apartment tonight. 

Bring some of your girlfriends too.

I had to laugh, yeah sure I’ll bring my invisible ones!
While cleaning my desk and turning off my computer I thought whether I should go or not. It was Friday and I could really use it to blow off some steam.
“Goodnight Mr. Hensley! I’ll see you Monday!”, I stuck my head around his office door and waved at him.
“Goodnight Mira! Have a nice weekend”, he said not looking away from his laptop.
I smiled as I closed the door. He wouldn’t be home before 8. His wife was used to it, she knew from the very beginning he is a workaholic.
He would always make it up with her by taking her on nice trips. I think I never saw a couple happy as they were, all these years they were together now.
My mind was drifting off while driving back home.
I didn’t even know how I got to my parking lot.
As soon as my butt closed the door I kicked off my heels. Turning my TV on I dragged myself to my kitchen to make myself some dinner. I took my food and a soda to my couch. Sitting here I was thinking this was a pathetic way for a young girl like myself to spend Friday night.
I texted Jones I’d be there tonight, I might as well have some fun. Or not, but it would beat sitting at home all night.
Around 21:30 I was ready to go, one last check up in the mirror and I was good to go! The taxi was there waiting for me as I came outside.

When I arrived at the party there were already a lot of people. I didn’t really know them, but I didn’t care. While I walked to the table that had alcohol on it and poured myself a cup. Jones caught my eye and I walked up to him.
“Long time no see babe! You look hot and sexy as always!”, he said slipping his hand onto my waist. Well, he wasn’t sober anymore!
“Thank you. Nice party you have going on. What’s the occasion?”
He laughed and slurred something I couldn’t quite understand.
With more people coming in he let go of me and started talking to them.
Feeling my cup getting empty I poured myself some more alcohol. Doing that I felt my phone buzz in my purse.
I unlocked it to see who was contacting me.

You look beautiful as always. 

It took my mind a moment or two to process what I just read. Then I turned my head and searched the room. All the way back, near the window I saw him standing; casual leaning against the window frame. He wore a black suit, which I need to admit, wasn’t a bad look on him at all…
He was nodding his head for me to come to him. Making my way through the crowd I heaved a big sigh.
“Hi”, I said shyly.
His hand stroked my cheek, while his blue eyes gazed into mine. He leaned towards me, his face almost touching me. His lips close to my ear.
“Hi beautiful.”
“So what are you doing here?”, he asked as he leaned back.
“I’m guessing the same as you”, I fired back.
He laughed and shook his head.
I shrugged my shoulders and drank the last drip from my cup.
“I don’t find you the type to go to parties like this”, I said looking at all those people.
“That’s why you should go on another date with me. You’ll find out all sorts of fun facts about me!”, he said smiling and winked at me.
“Oohh noo hahaha. Nice try sir! I don’t fall for that. Well, it was fun talking to you! See ya!”, I said and dragged my butt away from him.
I could feel his eyes piercing in my back.
This guy was really something! Just when I thought I would have a nice night, he had to be here too. I mean, what are the odds?!
After a while I didn’t see him anymore. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or he just left. I knew I had drank way too much, but I didn’t care.
It was  a good party, I danced with a lot of nice guys and had some fun conversations. At one point I kept dancing and kissing one guy. He was very handsome and smelled really nice. Not to mention, he was a good kisser!
I don’t know how we ended outside, but we did. I had a hard time standing up.
“You kn-n-now.. I..I..Sssshhhh…”, I slurred.
“Ssshhhh, girl. It’s okay, I’ll take you home”, he said while he ran his hands over my body.
“Nah, stop!’, I said, trying to push him away from me but my hands lacked power.
“Don’t fight it, you know you want this too”, he said, pulling me close to him.
“Leave her alone!”, a somehow familiar voice in the background calmly spoke.
I saw someone walking up to us and the guy I was with let me go.
“Fuck you!”
“I’m telling you nicely, leave her alone and you won’t get hurt.”
That was the last thing I heard before I passed out…

Opening my eyes wasn’t the best idea I had. My head hurt like crazy. I tried to sit up and rubbed my eyes. Another bad idea, I forgot to take my makeup off. Great, now I had a panda-face and a headache. Great way to start your day.
I tried to open my eyes for a second time and the moment I did that, I panicked!
Where was I? This room wasn’t familiar to me. The first thing that came to mind was that the guy from yesterday took me home. My heart was beating fast in my chest.
No, wait, this room looks way too expensive for a guy like him. White curtains were softly blown by a cool breeze coming from open doors who lead to a big balcony. Sunbeams peeking through made my headache even worse.
The room had a wooden floor, on my left there was a beautiful crème colored sofa. Then my eyes wandered off to the huge bed I was in; white satin sheets covered my body. I think there was room for 3 more people in here.
Talking about my body, was I naked under there?!
To be sure I peeked underneath the sheets. A big sigh of relief left my mouth as I saw I was still in the dress I put on yesterday.
My headache didn’t allow myself to think anymore, I never should have drank that much. I tell myself that every time I wake up with a hangover, but do I listen to myself?
A knock on the huge wooden door startled me. It opened slowly, to eventually reveal Max. Max?
Wait, how did I end up at his place?
“Good morning”, he smiled. His hands carried a tray full of food and juice.
My stomach turned with the smell that came with it.
“Morning”, my raspy voice spoke.
“How do you feel?”, he asked, placing the tray on a table to my right.
“Do you need to ask?”
He turned around and smiled.
“Here drink this, it will make you feel better”, he said, handing a glass of juice while he took a seat on the edge of the bed.
“Thank you”, I said, handing him the empty glass.
Then it hit me. I had a panda-face… No! I quickly pulled the sheets over my face.
I heard him chuckle.
“What are you doing?”
“Have you not seen my face?”, I mumbled from under the sheets.
He pulled the sheets away from me.
“I don’t care how you look. You still look beautiful to me.”
That was it, I threw a pillow at him.
We both laughed and then an awkward silence slipped into the room.
He lifted his head up to look at me.
“Thank you”, I whispered.
“Don’t mention it. If you want to take a shower, go through that door. There are towels and fresh clothes in there. If you need anything, I’ll be downstairs.
Make yourself at home.”
As if it was nothing he walked away, leaving me all confused.
My stomach was still in protest, so I didn’t eat anything. I only drank the cappuccino that was there. Next to the bed was a beautiful and soft bathrobe.
This man thought of everything!
I put it on and walked around the room. The fresh air that was coming from the balcony was lovely. The view was beautiful, for a moment I enjoyed it.
Right in front of me was a big closet. I was very curious to look inside, but my manners were stronger, so I could control myself not to look.
I opened the wooden door to the bathroom and it was absolutely stunning!
Never in my life had I seen something this beautiful.
It had these crème colored bricks, the window that was there had a Mahoney frame, just like the doors.
On my right there was a round Jacuzzi, the faucet was like a small waterfall, on the edges that surrounded the jacuzzi, against the wall were two small plants, which made it very homey.
The wall on the right sight of the jacuzzi had some holes in it, where candles patiently waited to be lit.
On the other side of the jacuzzi was a glass wall and behind that glass wall was the shower. It had two shower heads. Around the corner two brown towels neatly hung aside. Dim lights made the realm complete. It was so relaxing to me.
There were two marble sinks with a huge mirror, which had lights coming from behind it. Underneath the sinks were some baskets placed with shampoo, small towels and other stuff in it.  At the side of it a chair was placed with clothes on it. There was a note on them.

I hope they fit you. I didn’t have much time to pick something out for you.
If you don’t like them, we can go buy some new things this afternoon.

I smiled at the note. I had to admit, this was very sweet of him.
The hot water filled the room with steam, I took off my dress and stepped into the shower. It felt lovely to take a shower after this dreadful night.

“So, I see you found everything”, he said as I walked into his kitchen.
He was sitting at a bar, reading his newspaper and drinking his coffee.
“Yes, I did. It’s a little big, but it’ll do”, I laughed.
He stood up and walked to the counter.
“Do you want some coffee too?”
“Yes please.”
“Cappuccino or regular?”
He really had a lovely home. Good taste if you ask me. He placed the cappuccino in front of me and took a seat again.
“After this I will go home.”
He craned his head to me and lifted his eyebrows.
Now it was my turn to raise my eyebrows.
“Why? Because I need to go home. It was very nice of you to take me home and not take advantage of me…”, stopped that sentence to give him a look.
“We did  not do anything, right?”
He laughed and shook his head.
“Good. But anyway, I am grateful for you taking care of me but I’m a big girl. I can handle myself.”
He folded his newspaper and shoved it away.
“Are you?”
“Excuse me?”
“You almost got raped last night. If I wasn’t there who knows what would have happened?”
I shove my chair back and stood up, crossing my arms in front of my chest.
“Who do you think you are? I could have handled it myself Mr.!”
“Handle what? You passed out! How could you possibly have handled yourself?!”
He was standing up too now.
“Thank you Prince Charming for saving this damsel in distress! If you will excuse me I have some drinking and passing out to do!”
I grabbed my bag and stormed off.
“Wait! Mira!”
I let him yell at me, but didn’t stop for a second.
“Wait! I’m sorry!”
Yeah, sorry my ass! I slammed his door and stormed off. In the meanwhile I searched for my phone to call a cab.
“Mira! Don’t go, wait!”, he yelled from his front door.
I turned around, gave him my middle finger and started walking again.
How stupid could I be to think he would be different from all the other men I ever met in my life.
He was just as bossy and annoying as my ex.